Coaching for Playwrights and Other Theater Artists

Script Development Consulting

  • Script reading and emailed notes (5 hours per average two-act length script)
  • One-on-one meetings for notes and feedback
  • Visiting workshops or staged readings (includes initial phone call, emailed notes, and thorough feedback)
  • Focus on dramaturgy and structure, character development, and offering a “producer’s eye”

Coaching for Theater Artists: Directors, Writers & Designers

  • “Where do I go from here?” – Career coaching and consultation
  • Portfolio, website, and social media review; resume formatting and editing
  • Directors: Work begets work, branding, pitching, assisting, the (not so straight) ladder to getting hired
  • Designers: Talking about your work and showing your portfolio
  • Writers: How to speak publicly about the internal, private work of writing
  • Artists applying to advanced training programs: Recommendations of programs suited to your interests; Essay and application editing and review
    • Directors: Directing in front of a panel; “Cold” directing a scene you’ve never seen; Devising new material with a stranger
  • Small Talk in Big Rooms