Directors, Designers, and Writers

Interview and Audition Prep ($75/hour)

  • Introducing yourself authentically
  • Small talk in big rooms
  • Online/Skype interview coaching
  • Recorded text/Audiobook coaching
  • Public speech editing and coaching
  • Resume formatting and editing
  • Portfolio or DVD review
  • Website and social media recommendations and review
  • Getting ready for the Big Day(s)
  • Insights from the “other side of the table”
  • For Designers: Talking about your work and showing your portfolio
  • For Writers: How to speak publicly about the internal, private work of writing.
    Want more work on your script?  Click here for script development coaching!

For artists applying to advanced training programs:

  • Recommendations of programs suited to your interests
  • Essay and application editing and review

Director Interview/Audition Prep ($600 for 4 sessions of prep and coaching*)

We will prep and create practice runs for various types of auditions:

  • directing in front of a panel
  • “cold” directing a scene you’ve never seen
  • devising new material with a stranger
    *The fee covers renting space and hiring actors for you to work with during your preparation