Classes + Workshops for Actors

Thank you to those who joined us for our Audition Classes this season! Break a leg at your upcoming auditions!
Check back here for dates of upcoming classes and workshops.

Mock Auditions with Industry Professionals ($100)

  • Each actor performs their complete audition for industry professionals including directors, producers, professors, and casting directors.
  • After the “audition” is complete, they receive specific feedback about their presentation.
  • The evening closes with the actors repeating their audition, incorporating the feedback they received.  

The Business of the Business ($75)

  • Headshots: what works, what are you communicating through your image, looking like yourself, recommendations on different styles and how to get noticed
  • Resumes: formats that function, what to list, how directors read a resume
  • Social media and websites
  • Building and maintaining industry relationships

Cold Reading ($75)

  • Provides tips for cold readings and unexpected exercises (which may happen even when applying to training programs!)
  • Each actor receives a number of cold reading opportunities including scenes and monologues
  • Tools and tips necessary to make quick and strong choices about the text in the moment, having the confidence to take brave and responsible risks

Speak the Speech: Auditioning with Classical Text ($100)

  • Different methods for unlocking the language
  • Scansion (what is a trochee?  a spondee?  and why does it matter?)
  • The question of line endings
  • Definitions and when using a lexicon or dictionary is the right move
  • Understanding that the answers are (almost always!) in the text
  • Speaking to the end of the thought
  • Physicalizing the language

Creating Your Personalized Audition Warm-Up ($75)

  • Stretch, strengthen, and lengthen the body in order to present your best self in performance
  • Touch sound, articulators, and vocal muscles while learning about you vocal anatomy
  • Use the whole body in order to “take the audition room”
  • Find a sense of buoyant playfulness in order to rid audition jitters and have fun in your audition regardless of outcome

Backstage: A Workshop for Parents (FREE to parents whose children are working with us)

  • What is this all about? (understanding the process, terms, programs, etc.)
  • How to be supportive and realistic
  • Managing expectations

What’s Next: A Workshop for High School Students (FREE to schools – contact us for details)

  • Options for professional training post-graduation
  • Questions to consider when choosing between BFA, BA, or other training programs
  • Auditioning for BFA programs
  • Resumes and Headshots; Websites/Social Media
  • Summer programs and internships
  • Auditioning professionally and getting work
  • Self Care
  • Local and national resources
  • Insight from a professional director & producer
    …and time for your questions!

The Business of the Business for College Students (FREE to schools – contact us for details)

  • Options for post-grad years
  • Auditioning for MFA programs
  • Resumes and Headshots; Websites/Social Media; Agents
  • Building relationships
  • Different models of making work
  • Interning, working for free, paying dues
  • When to say “yes” and how to say “no”
  • Self Care
  • Insight from a professional director & producer
    …and time for questions!