Classes + Workshops

For Actors

The Language Archive by Julia Cho, Portland Playhouse 2017, photo by Brud Giles
The Language Archive by Julia Cho, Portland Playhouse 2017, photo by Brud Giles

Thank you to those who joined us for our January Audition Classes!
Break a leg at your upcoming auditions!

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Check out this February workshop from affiliate coach Lauren Bloom Hanover!
Shakespeare for Shrews: This three day workshop is designed for female identifying and gender fluid theatre makers to learn (or reacquaint themselves) with the fundamentals of Shakespeare’s work – text analysis, archetypes and play structure – all in service of taking advantage of the shift towards gender conscious casting and hiring.  Next session: February 10th, 17th and 18th . To find out more, visit here.

Mock Auditions with Industry Professionals ($100)

  • Each actor performs their complete audition for industry professionals including directors, producers, professors, and casting directors.
  • After the “audition” is complete, they receive specific feedback about their presentation.
  • The evening closes with the actors repeating their audition, incorporating the feedback they received.  

The Business of the Business ($75)

  • Headshots: what works, what are you communicating through your image, looking like yourself, recommendations on different styles and how to get noticed
  • Resumes: formats that function, what to list, how directors read a resume
  • Social media and websites
  • Building and maintaining industry relationships

Cold Reading ($75)

  • Provides tips for cold readings and unexpected exercises (which may happen even when applying to training programs!)
  • Each actor receives a number of cold reading opportunities including scenes and monologues
  • Tools and tips necessary to make quick and strong choices about the text in the moment, having the confidence to take brave and responsible risks

Speak the Speech: Auditioning with Classical Text ($100)

  • Different methods for unlocking the language
  • Scansion (what is a trochee?  a spondee?  and why does it matter?)
  • The question of line endings
  • Definitions and when using a lexicon or dictionary is the right move
  • Understanding that the answers are (almost always!) in the text
  • Speaking to the end of the thought
  • Physicalizing the language

Creating Your Personalized Audition Warm-Up ($75)

  • Stretch, strengthen, and lengthen the body in order to present your best self in performance
  • Touch sound, articulators, and vocal muscles while learning about you vocal anatomy
  • Use the whole body in order to “take the audition room”
  • Find a sense of buoyant playfulness in order to rid audition jitters and have fun in your audition regardless of outcome

Backstage: A Workshop for Parents (FREE to parents whose children are working with us)

  • What is this all about? (understanding the process, terms, programs, etc.)
  • How to be supportive and realistic
  • Managing expectations

What’s Next: A Workshop for High School Students (FREE to schools – contact us for details)

  • Options for professional training post-graduation
  • Questions to consider when choosing between BFA, BA, or other training programs
  • Auditioning for BFA programs
  • Resumes and Headshots; Websites/Social Media
  • Summer programs and internships
  • Auditioning professionally and getting work
  • Self Care
  • Local and national resources
  • Insight from a professional director & producer
    …and time for your questions!

The Business of the Business for College Students (FREE to schools – contact us for details)

  • Options for post-grad years
  • Auditioning for MFA programs
  • Resumes and Headshots; Websites/Social Media; Agents
  • Building relationships
  • Different models of making work
  • Interning, working for free, paying dues
  • When to say “yes” and how to say “no”
  • Self Care
  • Insight from a professional director & producer
    …and time for questions!